Landscape Boulders – Loose and Palleted

Landscape boulders we sell at Wicki Stone

We Have A Great Selection Of Boulders

Palleted and Loose - Multiple Types - Deep Inventory - Ready For Pick-up

We have revamped the Boulder area of our yard and now offer all our boulders either loose or on pallets.

  • 7 different types of boulders / stone chunks
  • In stock & ready to go
  • Buy as many or as few as you need
  • Discounts available for full loads

Boulders can take a landscape to new heights. We always have a great selection of them - we invite you and your clients to tour our boulder field - it is a lot of fun and customers almost always find the perfect boulder or group of boulders - you can hand pick.

A photo of our boulder field - full of various size landscape boulders

Partial view of our extensive selection of loose boulders and the equipment we use to load and arrange.

aerial view of our landscape boulder field

Types of Boulders We Carry


Indian Hill Boulders

A picture of our PA Colonial Landscape boulders

PA Colonial Boulders

A picture of our Moss Rock boulders without Moss on them so they can go in full sun

Moss Rock Boulders Without Moss

A picture of our moss rock boulders with moss on them

Moss Rock Boulders With Moss

A picture of our Glacier boulders that have a roundish shape

Glacier Boulders

Rainbow chunks are a colorful boulder we carry

Rainbow Chunks

A picture of our Karney® chunks - which are boulders and large wall stone

Karney® Chunks

Our boulders come on pallets too as seen in this picture

Our boulders come on pallets too, and include unique stone that we do not carry loose. Palleted boulders are great for smaller boulder installations

Our moss rock comes on pallets too. This picture shows our palleted moss rock boulders. Our moss rock holding area. Everything is on pallets in this shaded area of our stone yard

This picture shows our palleted moss rock holding area. Note that there are pallets of large and small moss rock

We deliver our moss rock in containers as shown here

We also deliver our boulders in containers for larger jobs