NY's Guide to Patio Stone Finishes: Options & Benefits by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

NY’s Guide to Patio Stone Finishes: Options & Benefits by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

If you’re building or remodeling a patio in New York, choosing the right finish for your patio stone is crucial. In this guide by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., we explore the different options for natural patio stone finishes and their benefits. From honed and tumbled to flamed and brushed, understand the many finishes to make an educated decision.

What are Patio Stone Finishes?

The finish of a patio stone refers to its surface treatment. Natural stones can have various finishes, each providing a unique character and texture. Common finishes on patio stones include natural cleft, sawn thermal, and tumbled

Natural Cleft

Blocks of raw patio stone have natural seams that split the stone into thiner pieces. Natural cleft finds these seams and splits the stone into a slightly rough textured finish.


Natural Cleft patio stone has the most natural and unprocessed look of any patio stone. The noticeable texture variations give an old world charm to each piece. Examples of natural cleft stone we sell include Bluestone, and Blue Ice

Sawn Thermal Stone

Sawn thermal patio stone is first sawn into pieces and then flame treated to create uniform pieces with a smooth but not slippery finish. The sawing process allows the pieces to be uniformly thick, something that does not happen with the Natural Cleft process. The smooth look created by flame treating provides a remarkably uniform texture in patios and walkways.


A smooth but not slippery surface that has a very uniform appearance.

Tumbled Stone

A tumbled finish is created by placing the stones in a machine that tumbles them until their edges are rounded and softened. This weathered, natural look is popular for outdoor spaces due to its rustic appearance.


The charm of the tumbled stone lies in its old-world look, its non-slip surface, and its ability to hide dirt or stains, making it an excellent low-maintenance choice for outdoor patios.

Choosing the Right Finish

When deciding on the type of finish for your patio stone, consider your outdoor decor, safety requirements, maintenance needs, and personal preferences. Consult a professional to guide your decisions, ensuring the best outcome for your patio.


  1. Is natural stone durable for patios?
    Natural stone is incredibly durable and resistant to weather changes, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  2. Are stone finishes easy to maintain?
    Stone finishes require minimal maintenance. Sealing is not required but can keep the stone from staining. Most patio stone benefits from periodic cleaning.


Patio stone finishes do more than aesthetic appeal. They also serve practical purposes, be it durability, slip-resistance, or easy maintenance. With a myriad of stone finishes available at Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., you can create a stunning patio that reflects your style perfectly.