Rosa Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone


Full Stone Name

Rosa Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone - Vertical Pallet.

Short Description

From a quarry in Arizona, we bring Rosa Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone. This uniquely colored stone can make a great irregular patio, it works well around hot tubs and spas. Only the quarries of the southwest can bring a stone with this unique blend of red and salmon colors with black accents. Truly unique.

Stone Color

Another stone that is best seen in person, it is not easy to describe. Most significant color is red, with a mix of pink and salmon, with black accents. It's beautiful stone.

Stone Finish

Natural cleft finish which is modestly rough. It's not slippery when wet.

Stone Coverage

  • Roughly 1.5" thick stone - you will get roughly 75 square feet of coverage per ton of this stone. A pallet is typically in the 1.5 ton range.

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Long Description

Red is hard color to get in large pieces of stone. We went to Arizona and found a great quarrier and this beautiful stone. The color is distinctly red from a distance but as you get closer subtle color accents and gradients become apparent. The modestly rough surface adds a great texture to the stone. This is very unique stone for the northeast and we can't wait to see how it is looks on a finished job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar Products - What Goes With This Stone?

Wicki Stone does not carry any other large red stone.

  1. We have Brownstone which has some red in it and may go well with Rosa
  2. We have red gravel which would look nice around the outside of Rosa.
  3. The silvers and grays in bluestone would contrast nicely with Rosa.

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