Bluestone Natural Stone Steps

Bluestone Natural Stone Steps have completely natural edges and tops. The tops are slightly rough which gives them good traction when wet. The edges are completely irregular and natural. Sold in sets they go beautifully with our other Bluestone Landscape Stone. This includes walkway and patio stone, wall stone, treads, building stone, bench rocks and more. If you love the color and durability of Bluestone and want natural stone steps - our Bluestone Natural Stone Steps may be the answer. We have dozens of sets on site - please come visit us.

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Bluestone Natural Stone Steps Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Bluestone Natural Stone Steps

Stone Description

Unprocessed Bluestone steps - this is literally how they come out of the ground. Pieces are broken into reasonable sizes but this is raw stone at its most beautiful.

Stone Color

Silvery Blue - accent colors may be present

Stone Finish

Completely natural. Edges are highly irregular, top surfaces can be rough and uneven. Instantly gives a classic, aged look to any landscape.

Stone Coverage

Most steps have roughly 6" riser heights. Length and width are highly variable and depend on the set. It is not uncommon for each step in a set to be 3-4 feet wide, 2 - 3 feet deep, and 6 to 8" tall, but that can vary widely. We have some sets that are much longer, and certain sets can have significantly smaller lengths and widths.

How It Is Sold

By weight, in sets (sets are usually 3 steps but can be 2 or 4+). Sets cannot be broken up and mixed and matched.

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