Indian Hill Natural Stone Steps Are Back In Quantity


In our never ending quest to find unique new products we have re-established a reliable source for our Indian Hill Stone Steps. These are among the most unique, beautiful, and popular steps we sell. Scroll down to see more of these special steps - available through Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc.


If you are looking for a unique and special type of stone step for your project we ask that you come see our inventory of Indian Hill Steps. We are known for our stone steps, and none of them excite us more than Indian Hill - they are amazing!


We have one of the largest inventories of natural stone steps in the northeastern United States. We typically have 100’s of sets to choose from, and we carry as many as 19 different types of steps - from tried and true Bluestone to our one-of-a-kind Indian Hill steps. If you are looking for stone steps we urge you to visit Wicki Stone. We are worth the drive - our steps are amazing.