Karney® Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps

Karney Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps combine the best of two worlds. The edges are completely natural, but the top and bottom are sawn. You get a very natural looking step that does not have the uneven variations of an unsawn top. The colors are medium to darker brown, quite often with great accent colors mixed in. Karney Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps steps go great with our full selection of Karney Wall Stone and other products in the Karney Family of stone.

Sawn Karney natural stone steps with natural edges

Karney® Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Karney® Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps

Stone Description

Sawn to a smooth, but not slippery finish on the top and bottom, with completely natural, random edges of all four sides. Karney® is one of our most popular stone families so these steps go well with a wide range of stone types we carry including wall stone, patio and walkway stone and more.

Stone Color

Light brown to tan, with greens and grays.

Stone Finish

Sawn smooth on the top and bottom with four natural, irregular edges.

Stone Coverage

Most steps have roughly 6" riser heights. Length and width are highly variable and depend on the set, but typically 3 to 6 feet wide.

How It Is Sold

In sets by the square foot. Sets cannot be broken up and mixed and matched.

Karney® Sawn natural Edge Stone Steps Photo Gallery

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