Teakwood Pattern Walkway and Patio Stone

Full Stone Name

Teakwood pattern walkway and patio stone.

Short Description

Very colorful grained walkway and patio stone with a smooth (but not slippery) surface.

Stone Color

Primarily light tan to light brown, but intense grain patterns in a range of colors makes the stone appear more colorful.

Stone Finish

Slightly textured surface that is not slippery.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy. This stone is 1" thick.

How It's Sold

By the pallet. Limited single pieces may be available in an open pallet in the yard, but we strongly prefer to sell this stone by the pallet.

Long Description

Along with imported rainbow stone, teakwood may have the most intense grain of any pattern walkway and patio stone we sell. The base color is light tan to light brown, but there is significant graining on every piece in a variety of colors which makes the stone rather colorful.

Frequently Asked Questions

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