Unusual, Unique Stone – We Always Have It

Unusual Stone we stock

We constantly find, or are offered, unique stone. It can be reclaimed architectural stone like columns, or pedestals. It can be sawn stone steps, specimen moss rocks, bench rocks, stone bird baths, driftwood, or sculptural placement rocks. The inventory constantly changes. If you are looking for stone that can really set your designs and installations…

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What Are Bridge Rocks?

Examples of bridge rocks

Bridge Rocks often span a running stream in a water garden Bridge Rocks are rocks that make bridges – typically in water gardens. They are usually small bridges that span streams or ponds in a water garden. They come in all shapes and sizes – they can be as little as 1 ft wide and…

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Water Garden Stone

Water Garden Spill Rocs For Waterfalls

Water Gardens remain popular amongst landscape designers and homeowners and we sell more water garden stone than any local or regional stone yard. The sound and sight of water in the garden still moves people and grabs their interest. Water gardens are a wonderful way to bring unique plants and wildlife into the garden too.…

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