Examples of bridge rocks

What Are Bridge Rocks?

example of a bridge rock in a water garden
Bridge Rocks often span a running stream in a water garden

Bridge Rocks are rocks that make bridges - typically in water gardens. They are usually small bridges that span streams or ponds in a water garden. They come in all shapes and sizes - they can be as little as 1 ft wide and 2 ft long - to 6 ft wide and up to 10 - 15 ft long. Several different stones we sell at Wicki Stone make great bridges including bluestone, and Karney® - two of our most popular stone families. Bridge stone can also be used in dry stream beds to span the stream width. Small bridge rock can sometimes be handled by two people - larger rocks require capable machinery to lift and place them. Some of our rocks require cranes to move them into place. This stone adds a whimsical touch to any landscape, children and adults are both fascinated by them. They can bring you closer to the water than you may have at any other place in the water garden. If you are building a pond, water garden or dry stream bed consider these rocks to take your design to the next level. Wicki Stone likely has more options than any stone yard in the tri-state region.

Examples of bridge rocks
They do not have to be one piece - you can piece multiple rocks to form the bridge
bridge rocks made from slabs of granite
These rocks are great for spanning dry stream beds
Examples of bridge rocks in our New Jersey stone yard
We stock and sell a wide selection of rocks used for bridges
Bridge rocks can be long and thin or short and wide or anything in between. These are long and thin
Our rocks can be well over 10 feet long