How to Enhance Your NJ Home with Walkway Stones

How to Enhance Your NJ Home with Walkway Stones


If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your NJ home, adding walkway stones is a fantastic option. A carefully planned and well-executed stone walkway not only adds aesthetic appeal to your property, but can increase its overall value as well.

Why Choose Walkway Stones?

Walkway stones are an excellent way to incorporate natural elements into your landscape design. They create a visual charm, require little maintenance, and, most importantly, provide a safe and comfortable path for walking. Whether it’s a path leading to your front door or a trail through your garden, walkway stones can deliver an artistic and functional upgrade to your NJ home.

Selecting the Right Stones

Choosing the right type of stone is crucial. Different types of stones have different textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, so your choice will ultimately depend on your specific needs and desired aesthetic. Common options for walkway stones include Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone, and River Rock, each offering their unique charm.


Known for its beautiful blue-grey hue, Bluestone is a durable and versatile option that can be cut into various shapes and sizes.


This rugged stone is known for its durability and is an excellent choice for creating long-lasting walkways.


Featuring brilliant color variations, sandstone is an eye-catcher and can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. An example of Sandstone is Bluestone which is one of the most popular walkway stones in New Jersey.

Choosing Shapes

Walkway stone comes in 2 basic shapes – pattern and irregular. Pattern are precisely cut squares and rectangles, whereas irregular are totally random shapes, with no two the same.

Planning Your Walkway

  1. Assess the area where you want your walkway to be. This will help you determine the length, width, and shape of the path.

  2. Choose the style that fits your property. You can opt for a straight or meandering path, a single-file walkway, or a wide path for multiple people to walk side-by-side.

  3. Prepare the ground for your walkway. This might involve leveling the ground, removing any sod or vegetation, and creating a stable base for your stones.

Installation Tips

  • Consider hiring a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and to your satisfaction.
  • DIY homeowners can generally lay a pattern stone walkway without much trouble. Laying an irregular shaped stone can be much more challenging.
  • Ensure the stones are placed securely and evenly, preventing potential tripping hazards.
  • Take your time. A well-executed stone walkway can add a lot of value to your property.


How much does it cost to install a stone walkway?

The cost can vary significantly depending on the type of stone you choose, the size of your walkway, and whether you hire a professional for installation.

How long does it take to install a stone walkway?

Depending on the scope of the project and the weather conditions, installation can typically be completed within a few days.


Installing a stone walkway in your NJ home can add a unique and natural charm to your landscape design. With careful planning, selection of the right stones, and proper installation, your walkway can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and its overall value.


South American Quartzite Pattern Walkway & Patio Stone – A great new walkway stone from Wicki Stone.
A Pattern Bluestone Walkway – Pattern Bluestone is the most popular walkway stone in the New Jersey area. It comes in four basic types and ages beautifully. Bluestone is known as a quality stone, used in quality hardscape work and can definitely add value to a home.
An irregular Bluestone Walkway – Bluestone is the most popular walkway stone in the New Jersey area. (Note – not a great representation of Bluestone Color – this stone is dirty and had not yet been washed after installation).