Stone Fabrication Services We Offer At Wicki Stone

Stone Fabrication Services We Offer

We offer a range of services for stone including cutting stone, splitting stone, shaping stone, finding stone, removing stone and more. As a premier landscape and building stone supplier in business for nearly 40 years we have developed stone services to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Learn more below and feel free to email us or call us for more information on our Stone Services.

Radius Cuts

We cut curves and arcs in stone based on your design. Bring us a template and we will shape it. Not sure how to make a template - ask us.

Stone Fabrication Services We Offer At Wicki Stone

Stone Cutting

We cut stone up to 6" thick along straight lines or diagonal. Bring us dimensions or a template and we'll cut it. We also do radius cuts (see below).


Edge Finishes

We chisel and shape edges of treads, pier caps, wall caps and more. Four edge finishes are available.

We custom fabricate stone edges with chisels and other tolls

Sawn Thermal Edge


Rock Faced Edge


Bull Nose Edge

Example on an eased edge finish on a stone stair tread

Eased Edge (beveled)

Thermal Finishing

We thermal finish the edges of cut stone to remove the saw lines and marks and to create a slightly rough texture. Thermal Finishing gives the stone an authentic edge.


Stone Engraving

We engrave stone with test and graphics. Visit our Stone Engraving page for more information.

Pet Memorial In Stone - picture of engraved stone pet memorial

Stone Splitting

We split stone to bring out the inner colors and to roughly square off the stone - making it easier to work with.

Wicki stone offers stone splitting services where we split the stone to make it easier to work with


We deliver daily to New Jersey, Eastern PA, and Southern New York. Nationwide delivery is available through common carrier.