Landscape Stone Choices At Wicki Stone

At Wicki Stone we believe we have one of the best selections of landscape stone in the tri-state New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area. We feel that way for two reasons – the number of different products we have and the deep inventory of so many landscape stone products. As far as the breadth of our selection we sell landscape stone in 15 different major product categories. These are Walkway, Patio, Pool and Porch Deck Stone, Wall Stone, Stone Steps, and Stone Stair Treads. In addition we carry Landscape Boulders, Waterfall Spill Rocks, Sculptural Placement Rocks, Bridge Rocks, Dive Rocks, Landscape Gravels and Bench Rocks. Finally we carry Stone Slabs, Stone Garden Accents, Moss Rock, Water Garden Rock, and Reclaimed Landscape Stone. As you can see from the picture below of the stone step inventory in our 10 acre New Jersey stone yard, we have 100’s of stone step sets. Many local stone yards will barely have a dozen sets to choose from. Stone Steps are just one example of our deep inventory of landscape stone. You’ll find you have many choices in all our landscape stone major product categories. If you are looking for landscape stone we urge you to stop by and see our selection. We are constantly told by customers that seeing our products changes what they think is possible. New landscape design ideas and spaces can flow from touring our unique inventory. Please stop by when you get a chance, it is worth the drive – you will not be disappointed.