Reclaimed Belgian Block

Reclaimed Stone We Have In Stock

Wicki Stone caries a range of reclaimed stone including a number of different types of stone we routinely stock. See pictures below for a list of the stone we have in stock as of April 15, 2019. We have both reclaimed landscape stone and building stone. Landscape stone is most often in the form of wall stone. We may process this stone (guillotine snap it to bring out the interior colors) or leave in untouched. Reclaimed wall stone products are typically in stock and are often available in both palleted and bulk form. We reliably have reclaimed Belgian Block. The aging process darkens the stone substantially and instantly adds a desirable, classic look. We routinely stock reclaimed natural stone steps in a number of forms. We constantly get unique, one-of-a-kind reclaimed stone is all sorts or shapes, sizes and forms. These can include bird baths, specimen boulders, columns, ornaments, and other stone too hard to describe. In conclusion – if you are looking for to repurpose stone please visit us at Wicki Stone. We always have a number of reclaimed stone products in stock for sale, and we constantly get unique, rare one-of-a-kind stone that can really transform a home and landscape.

Reclaimed Belgian Block is one product we almost always have in stock.
We always have reclaimed stone steps in stock
This is one area of the yard were we collect unique pieces – often one-of-a-kind, stone that can be functional or pure garden sculpture.