Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. on PA's Patio Stone Choices: Understanding Different Types

Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. on PA’s Patio Stone Choices: Understanding Different Types

Wicki Wholesale Stone, Incorporated is one of the leading providers of natural stones in Pennsylvania, offering a vast array of choices for patio designs. The choices of stones can greatly influence the patio’s aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Therefore, understanding different kinds of natural stones and their unique characteristics is crucial before making a decision.

Sandstone (including Bluestone) – The Epitome of Elegance

Sandstone is stone made of sand that has been fused by enormous pressure. The particular type of sand, natural minerals, organic debris, etc. are compressed into patio stone of many different colors and textures. Bluestone is the most popular sandstone we sell to our Pennsylvania customers. Bluestone is durable, colorful, easy to work with and it is beautiful – it adds elegance to any patio. Additional Sandstone options are available at quality stone yards.

Limestone – A Classic But Challenged Choice

Limestone, characterized by its warm earthy tones, is a poor choice for patios. It is durable and can be easily shaped into various sizes to create unique patterns. The primary downsides are that it absorbs water, stains easily, can look dirty over time, and may suffer damage in freeze-thaw cycles.

Quartzite – Durability and Unique Colors

Quartzite is a sandstone that has come in contact with magma deep within the earth’s surface. The result is a patio stone that is stronger than sandstone. Quartzite can also display unique colors – often lighter colors including whites, and light tans. As a result this Quartzite absorbs less heat – an important consideration in a patio stone.

Granite – Tough and Weather-Resistant

Renowned for its toughness, granite is an ideal option for those who prioritize long-term patio. Granite patios can withstand heavy traffic, resist weather damages, and require minimal maintenance.

Porcelain – Dramatic and Durable

Porcelain is a particular type of clay fired at extremely high temperatures. It is much stronger than most natural stone. It has to be set on a concrete foundation but quality porcelain is strong enough to use on driveways. A wide range of colors are available in porcelain patio pavers.


  1. What is the most durable natural stone for patios? Granite, due to its toughness and weather resistance, is considered the most durable natural stone for patios.
  2. Are natural stone patios high maintenance? The maintenance of natural stone patios largely depends on the type of stones used. Abrasion-resistant stones such as granite require relatively less maintenance. Occasional power washing may be required with Sandstone or Quartzite. Sealing patio stone with a stone sealer product can help prevent stains and ground in dirt. Sealing should be researched carefully – not all sealers are ideal for outdoor applications.
  3. Which natural stone has the most diverse design options? Sandstone, with its diverse hues and unique veining and gradients, offers the most design variability.


Every stone type has its unique attributes that can enhance the overall look and functionality of a patio. Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., with its years of expertise and diverse stone choices, can help homeowners make an informed decision, ensuring their patio not only matches their vision but also withstands the test of time.