Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.'s Expertise on Stone Cutting Techniques

Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.’s Expertise on Stone Cutting Techniques

For centuries, stone cutting has been a valued craft with a rich and varied history. Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. is one company at the forefront of this age-old tradition. With our cutting-edge techniques, natural stone is crafted into beautiful, durable surfaces that can stand the test of time.

Traditional Stone Cutting Techniques

Traditionally, cutting stone was a labor-intensive process involving manual tools such as hammers and chisels. With patience, skill, and strength, artisans could transform a rough stone into a work of art. However, despite the craftsmanship, this method was time-consuming and had its limitations in precision.

Modern Stone Cutting at Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

At Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for unmatched precision and design. Our state of the art machinery can cut and shape stone to a fraction of a inch – something unachievable by human hands alone.

Innovative Techniques

We cut stone using one of many stone saws. Our primary saw for stone is a bladed stone saw which uses a diamond coated blade and lubricating water to cut stone up to 8″ thick. We can precisely cut to any length and can shape it with angled cuts.

We also use a power saw to cut smaller pieces or to finely craft stone to almost any shape. We routinely fabricate stone elements with radius cuts (curved cuts) including true circles.

Stone Snapping

A different method of cutting stone is to snap it. This involves putting stone under a hydraulic stone guillotine. This powerful machine literally snaps stone into pieces – revealing the inner color of the stone which can look significantly different from the exterior. Snapped stone is used in a wide variety of applications including wall stone and steps. Snapped edges are not as clean and straight as a saw cut, but that is the point of snapping – you get a natural stone looked that is rugged and has texture, rather than a straight cut edge.

Advantages of Using Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. for Stone Cutting

  1. We deliver precision cuts that lesser hands and older techniques can’t achieve.
  2. Our high-tech tools significantly speed up project timelines.
  3. We ensure an eco-friendly approach to stone cutting.
  4. We provide unique, personalized designs to suit any aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of stone can Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. cut?

Our expert craftspeople can cut a wide variety of natural stones, including sandstone, granite, marble, limestone, and many others.

Are your stone cutting methods safe?

Yes, our methods are not only safe for our workers but also limit the impact on the environment.


Stone cutting is a timeless craft that has evolved with the times. Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. is proud to continue this tradition, combining tried-and-true methods with the latest technology to bring your designs to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services or visit the fabrication page of Wicki Wholesale Stone’s web site.