Transform Your Garden with Decorative Stones from New York's Premier Landscaping Supply

We sell landscape stones from 15 different product groups at Wicki Stone, catering primarily to the New York area. As one of the premier suppliers of landscaping stones in this region, we offer a vast selection, including walkway and patio stone (also known as flagstone), wall stone, stone steps and treads, as well as specialized items like water garden stone, bridge stones, spill rocks, and dive rocks. Whether you're designing a patio or any other landscaping feature, you can choose from up to 25 different types of stone to perfectly match your project’s requirements.

Not only do we boast a broad range of landscape stones, but we also maintain a substantial on-site inventory to ensure immediate availability. Plus, we provide local and regional delivery services to meet all your landscaping needs efficiently.

For those looking to enhance their property’s outdoor appeal, Wicki Stone stands out as a top-tier supplier of unique landscape stones in the New York area. We invite you to visit our stone yard in Great Meadows, New Jersey, where you'll discover one of the most diverse collections of landscaping stones available. Whether for personal use or professional projects, our selection is sure to meet your landscaping needs.

Landscape Stone Products For Sale At Wicki Stone

Walkway, Patio, and Pool Stone

18 different choices of flagstone

Garden Path Stone

23 different choices of garden path stone

Wall Stone

22 different choices of landscape wall stone

Natural Stone Stair Treads

10 different choices of stair treads

Natural Stone Steps

22 different choices of stone steps

Landscape Boulders

5 different choices of stone boulders

Moss Rock

Large and small moss rock options

Decorative Gravels

4 different choices of landscape gravel

Placement Rocks

Sculptural Accent Rocks

Waterfall Spill Rocks

Cascading water spills over this stone

Bridge Rocks

Stone bridge rocks

Reclaimed Stone

Aged stone salvaged during demolitions

Bench Rocks

Stone used for seats and benches

Water Garden Stone

Stone choices for water gardens

Rock Garden Stone

Stone used for Rock Gardens

Stone Slabs

Large to very large raw stone slabs

Dive Rocks

Diving Rocks and Platforms For Pools

Specialty Stone

Belgian Block, Hearths, Sills, Bird Baths, and more!

Stone Garden Accents

Millstones, stone planters, animals and more

Stone Tools

Chisels, hammers, mortar tools and more

Mortar, Cement, Polymeric Sand

Mortars, cements and polymeric sand

Stone Construction Bases

Quarry dust, quarry process, sand and gravel bases

Landscape Stone At Wicki Stone

For nearly 40 years, Wicki Stone has provided landscape stone to contractors and homeowners throughout the New York area. Our 10-acre stone yard in Great Meadows, New Jersey, houses over 1500 products, predominantly in landscape stone.
We are one of New York's premier suppliers of bluestone for walkways, patios, pools, and porch decks (learn more about bluestone here). Also known as flagstone, our inventory includes 17 different options of pattern stone, precisely cut into squares and rectangles. Additionally, we offer 19 different types of irregular stone with completely natural, irregular edges for more organic patio and walkway designs.

Stone Steps, Wall Stone, and More

Moreover, we provide 25 different types of palleted wall stones, along with a wide selection of bulk wall stone, boulders, and large stone chunks.
We also boast the largest selection of natural stone steps in the New York region, with 22 different stone step options. Our variety extends to 7 different stone stair tread choices, providing ample options for any project. Furthermore, our unmatched selection of specialty stones includes water garden stones, waterfall rocks, stone benches, landscape boulders, moss rocks, placement rocks, and garden accents.

Wicki Stone offers an unbeatable selection of landscape stone choices, making us a unique resource for the New York market. We invite you to visit us and explore the possibilities for your landscaping needs.

Landscaping Stone News

Landscaping Stone Latest Pictures

landscape stone examples in this New Jersey landscape

This photo shows a range of different landscape stone examples. In the foreground there is irregular walkway and patio stone, the water feature includes landscape boulders, and spill rocks. To the left are more boulders and natural stone steps. Photo courtesy of Cording Landscape Design.

A picture of a bluestone wall

This photo shows two different types of snapped wall stone. Wall stone is one of our most popular landscaping stone products - we offer nearly 25 different types. Shown here is one of four types of snapped wall stone we offer. Snapped means that the stone was cut (snapped) by our on-site stone guillotine. This process opens up the color on the inside of the stone and roughly squares the edges. The result is a relatively easy stone to work with. Shown here are bluestone snapped wall stone and Karney® snapped wall stone. Photo courtesy of Cording Landscape Design.

Bluestone pool deck photo

Bluestone pool decks are a popular use of this landscape stone. Shown here is a full color, natural cleft (slightly rough) bluestone pool deck in New Jersey. Bluestone remains our single most popular stone for pool decks, walkways, patios and porch decks. Our full Bluestone product line includes wall stone that goes beautifully with our pattern and irregular pool deck stone. Photo courtesy of Landscape Techniques of Nutley, New Jersey.