What Are Bridge Rocks?

Examples of bridge rocks

Bridge Rocks often span a running stream in a water garden Bridge Rocks are rocks that make bridges – typically in water gardens. They are usually small bridges that span streams or ponds in a water garden. They come in all shapes and sizes – they can be as little as 1 ft wide and…

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The Perfect Wall Stone?

What we feel may be the perfect wall stone - for homes and offices

We Sell A Great Combination Of Stone That Together Could Be The Perfect Wall Stone For Your Project   The walls shown above and below consist of two different stone types. The blue-gray stone is called Snapped Bluestone Wall Stone and the tan to brownish stone is called Snapped Karney Wall Stone. The two can…

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What Are Dive Rocks?

Dive rocks for pools

What are dive rocks? They are rocks used as diving platforms for pools. You can have a man-made diving board, or you can have a range of different choices of stone diving platforms. The most common stone dive rock is a sculptural rock – often 4 – 5 feet in width – and 12 -…

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Sale – Pattern Stone Sale

We are offering 3 of our pattern walkway, patio and pool deck stone choices on sale. These are great prices on high quality, unique stone for a range of applications.

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Marble Walkway, Patio and Pool Deck Stone

Introducing Tundra Gray MarbleWalkway, Patio, Pool and Porch Deck Stone Tundra Gray Marble Outdoor Stone Very dense and suitable for dry lay. Stays cool in hot conditions. Easy to handle. This Is A French Pattern Cut – The Sizes In The Pallet Are A Mix Of  8″x 8″, 8″x 16″, 16″x 16″, and 16″x 24″. Bullnose…

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Water Garden Stone

Water Garden Spill Rocs For Waterfalls

Water Gardens remain popular amongst landscape designers and homeowners and we sell more water garden stone than any local or regional stone yard. The sound and sight of water in the garden still moves people and grabs their interest. Water gardens are a wonderful way to bring unique plants and wildlife into the garden too.…

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