Dive rocks for pools

What Are Dive Rocks?

What are dive rocks? They are rocks used as diving platforms for pools. You can have a man-made diving board, or you can have a range of different choices of stone diving platforms. The most common stone dive rock is a sculptural rock - often 4 - 5 feet in width - and 12 - 24" tall. They can be roughly round, oval, square or rectangular in shape. At Wicki stone they are most often bluestone so they have a gray to light brown appearance, or Karney® stone which typically are a darker brown.

At Wicki Stone we have a wide range of dive rock options. We have one similar to those above - they are irregular flatish stone chunks - up to 5' wide and typically 18 - 20" tall. Another example of this type is shown below.

To learn more about our dive rocks please visit our dive rock page.

Dive rocks are typically laid right on the stone pool decking - they are not going to move.
Dive rocks can be a wide variety of shapes.
Diving platform rocks
Diving platform rocks could run along an edge of a pool and provide multiple diving points.