Bluestone Full Range Color Sawn Thermal Walkway, Patio, Pool Deck Stone

Bluestone Full Range Color Sawn Thermal Walkway, Patio, Pool Deck Stone is one of our four main types of pattern bluestone. This stone has two distinct characteristics. The full range color means you not only get the blues and silvers of all bluestone, you also gets shades of brown, green and rust colors. The second feature is the Sawn Thermal finish which is a smooth, but not slippery, finish that is lightly textured. This is a popular stone choice at Wicki Stone, and we have a large on site inventory of all types of bluestone. Our display area clearly shows your choices side by side which can make your final choice easier to make. Stop by and see our full selection of pattern walkway, patio and pool deck stone.

Close-up of sawn thermal, full range color, bluestone available throughout New Jersey

Full Stone Name

Bluestone full range color (sometimes called off color), sawn thermal (smooth) finish, pattern walkway and patio stone. Available in 1.5" and 1" thicknesses.

Short Description

One of the 4 major types of bluestone walkway and patio stone. Earth tones mixed with blue-grays and a smooth (but not slippery) surface.

Stone Color

Primarily blue-gray with accents of brown, tan, rust, and sometimes green.

Stone Finish

Treated with a flame to add texture to a sawn surface. Results in a slightly textured surface that is not slippery.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy. A typical pallet of 1.5" bluestone will cover an average of 180 square feet, a pallet of 1" will cover 220 sq. ft.

How It's Sold

By the pallet. Limited single pieces may be available in an open pallet in the yard, but we strongly prefer to sell this stone by the pallet.

Long Description

One of our most popular walkway and patio stones. Two primary features - the variable colors of full range color brings in subtle earth tones to the blue-gray color of bluestone, and the sawn thermal texture provides a uniformly smooth surface look. Subtle earth tones make this a colorful version of bluestone. Browns, tans, and even green shading mix through the pallet in random ways. This is easy stone to work with.

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