A Great New Pool Deck and Patio Stone

Example of desert quartzite light colored walkway and patio stone

Introducing Desert Quartzite a domestic natural stone that provides a beautiful mix of colors and textures. Desert Quartzite is a new pool deck or patio stone that also works great as a walkway and porch deck stone. It is available in pattern form, irregular larger pieces and garden path (smaller pieces) forms so it is very versatile. This is a hard, durable stone - unlike some of the imitations that are available - this is quarried in the southwestern United States. We have a great inventory of this hard to find stone. 

A photo of a beautiful new walkway and patio stone that is called Desert Quartzite
Installation by CLC Landscape Design

A Unique Color and a Rough Texture


Desert Quartzite - our new pool deck and patio stone, is available at our New Jersey stone yard, or shipped nationwide. This stone is generally lighter colored so it doesn't get nearly as hot as many other types of pool deck or patio stone. In addition this stone has a natural cleft finish - which means it is slightly rough. This makes it less slippery - ideal for use around pools.

Pattern Desert Quartzite a new pool deck and patio stone we are carrying at Wicki Stone

The Qualities Of Desert Quartzite

  • Stays cooler - not as hot as many types of stone when placed in sun.
  • Quartzite stone doesn’t corrode like sandstone. It is also more resistant to pool chemicals than traditional stones.
  • UV Resistant - colors don’t fade
  • Natural cleft (slightly rough) finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in Irregular, Pattern and Garden Path forms
  • Available in quantity

Metamorphic Strong and Durable Stone

Desert Quartzite is a quartzite stone meaning it is a hard, durable metamorphic rock which was once sandstone. The sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure. Quartzite can have a glassy look and the stone can resemble marble. The stone is primarily white or gray but a great mix of accent colors are present. These accent colors are due to a mix of mineral impurities such as iron oxide in the stone.

A picture of a new pool deck and patio stone we are carrying at our NJ stone yard
This picture makes the stone look very white. Up close without camera glare it is a great mix of colors
Inventory of a new pool deck and patio stone

If you are looking for a new pool deck or patio stone please come see our Desert Quartzite. It is a uniquely beautiful stone that is hard, durable, resists corrosion and is available in a range of forms. Stop in our Warren County New Jersey stone yard - we have a great selection of Desert Quartzite.