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What Is Garden Path Stone?

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What Is Garden Path Stone?

Garden Path Stone is stone that creates a path in a lawn or garden. Most often garden path stone is laid in grass, stone or mulch and has joints between the pieces that are filled by the surface material (grass/stone/mulch). Garden Paths can be functional or just for looks, they typically create a unique, timeless and elegant look and can become the focal point of an intimate garden. At Wicki Stone we feel that the individual pieces of stone used to make the path should be fairly flat especially on the top so they are comfortable and safe to walk on. At Wicki Stone we offer 20 different choices of stone that can be used for garden paths.

Garden path stone is most often sold in pallets. Smaller size individual stepping stone pieces are typically sold in what we call horizontal pallets. Examples of the size of these pieces is 6 to 12" long and wide. Much larger garden path stone is sold in vertical pallets with pieces that can be as big as 6' tall and 3' wide. We refer to garden path stone as irregular walkway and patio stone because the edges are natural and free form. This is different from our 18 choices or precisely cut pattern stone that consist of square and rectangular pieces.

Garden path stone is typically 1.5" thick or thicker, so it needs no concrete foundation. It cam be laid directly on prepared soil, gravel, stone dust or stone grit surfaces and then the for grass topsoil can be used to fill in the cracks or you can use mulches (wood chips, shredded mulch, etc.) or gravels (we suggest you consider pea gravel of 3/8" size as a filler if you choose gravel to fill the joints between pieces. Below are some samples of garden path stone we sell and finished garden paths from a range of sources.

Wicki Stone is one of the largest garden path stone suppliers in the northeast.

Garden Path Stone example 2

Types of Garden Path Stone We Sell

Horizontal Pallets (Smaller Pieces)

PA Colonial Garden Path Stone
Bluestone Garden Path Stone
Karney Garden Path Stone
Rainbow Garden Path Stone
Tumbled Bluestone Garden Path Stone
Tumbled Rainbow Garden Path Stone
Tennessee Carb Orchard Gray Garden Path Stone

Vertical Pallets (Larger Pieces)

This is an example of garden path stone in larger pieces. This stone is Blue-Blue color Irregular Bluestone in and upright pallet. To see other larger upright pallet choices please go to our walkway and patio stone page.

Large Garden Path Stone
An example of larger garden path stone in vertical pallets

Large Stone Slabs As Garden Path Stone

Large stone slab for garden paths
Large stone slabs can also be used for a garden path effect